Selling My Grandmother: Confessions of a story teller

This is a short story collection with a difference because it is, as the title says, the confessions of a story teller. I was for many years a very successful short story writer before I turned to crime as the author of the Much Winchmoor Murder Mysteries.

I’ve written hundreds of stories and sold them all over the world. But the stories in this, my first collection, hold a very special place in my heart because they’ve all been inspired by my family and friends. (And sometimes my neighbours – and sometimes the person standing next to me in the supermarket queue.)

These heartwarming short stories are accompanied by the stories behind the stories. The anthology includes the first story I had published, Angels on Oil Drums, with its laugh out loud moments, to one that always makes me cry when I read it (Waiting for Dad) which was taken so closely from real life that one of my brothers commented that writing must have been ‘money for old rope’. Guess who turned up as the victim in my next murder mystery? (Only joking)

These fifteen stories, all feel good fiction with guaranteed happy endings, are written in a heartwarming, often funny, always uplifting style. All quick reads, some will, I hope, puzzle you with a twist in the tale. Some will make you think. Some will make you laugh. And some will make you cry … especially if you happen to be related to me!.

So this collection of family tales is my tribute to my long suffering  family – as well as an apology.

The collection is available as an ebook or in paperback on Amazon at