This is our gorgeous boy! His name is Duke, he is nine years old and he is a rescue dog. We got him from British Dalmatian Welfare (click here for their website) two years ago, when he was seven years old. He had a sad history and we were happy to give him a second chance in his new forever home.

I have always loved Dalmatians and have owned them for 16 happy years. But when our last one died, a beautiful kind eyed girl called Jemima, we were so devastated by the loss, it took us four years to dare to think about owning another.

We had a little wish list when we approached BDW. We didn’t want a puppy but it would be very nice if we could have:

  1. a girl dog
  2. a dog who was good with children
  3. a dog who was good with other dogs
  4. a dog who was good with cats

What we got was:

  1. a boy dog (who humped everything in sight)
  2. a dog who was not good with children (although thanks to the patience of my three lovely grandchildren he’s changed his mind on that one)
  3. a dog who is a complete pain with other dogs!
  4. a dog who would chase a cat if he got the chance, which is a problem as one of my sons has three of them!
  5. A dog who will eat the post if he gets to it before we do. (He’s fine with the postman. It’s just the post he wants to rip to shreds)

So, Duke came in to our lives in November 2017 with his bed, a small blanket, a little blue rubber bone, a badly damaged tail (he’d been self harming due to being left on his own for too long) – and all the above baggage.

BUT we love him so very much. He has brought lots of laughter into our lives (plus a few tears and embarrassed apologies to other dog owners).

He also makes us get out in the fields every day which is a good thing, even though it doesn’t always feel like it.

I wouldn’t change him for the world … except maybe for points 1-5 above.

Rocky and Jemima, Duke’s much loved predecessors

Rocky, our first Dalmatian
Jemima (our little Jem) looking festive

I always felt this picture would make a great Christmas card, with the caption.

Too much partying, too much booze,

Gives you spots and makes you snooze.